S.T.A.R.T. Method


S.T.A.R.T. Method


Our very own customized lessons method that helps you to reach your musical goals and have a great time doing it.

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S.T.A.R.T. stands for:

S — Setting your musical goals.
T — Tracking your musical progress.
A — Achieving a little more each week.
R — Rewarding your musical accomplishments.
T — Transform into the guitar player of your dreams.


This music learning program is designed to be fun and rewarding.


This learning method will give you the ability to learn the guitar by learning exactly what you want, from a safe and certified instructor, in a fun and encouraging environment.



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Reach your musical goals and have a GREAT time doing it!

setting goals at Red Guitar

Setting Goals

Students work directly with the instructor to set up their musical goals:

♦ What songs do they want to learn?

♦ Do they want to play in front of friends, family, or an audience of thousands?

♦ Teachers work to customize their lesson plan around the student's goals, plotting the course to success. As the goals are achieved the student or teacher can check them off.



Tracking Progress

♦ The student tracks their progress towards these goals by logging their practice times.

♦ Students can see summaries of their weekly practice times, and the teacher can use these to encourage them further.

♦ Parents are welcomed and encouraged to see children's practice times and progress as well.

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making progress at Red Guitar


After each lesson the instructor fills out an entry in the student's journal. This covers:

  • what was covered that week,
  • what the student did great at,
  • what the student needs to improve on,
  • what to practice for next time.

Rewarding Accomplishments

♦ Students receive music learning awards when they hit certain milestones: certificates, hats, t-shirts, and more.

♦ Dedicated students also have the opportunity to participate in local shows.

♦ These are celebrations of what our students have learned, and they love spending a few minutes in the spotlight in front of fellow Red Guitar students and parents.

rewarding accomplishments at Red Guitar


  • This is where things really start to happen for the student.
  • The ah ha moments become more and more frequent.
  • The student is becoming a musician.
  • The student is becoming one with the guitar.
  • We start to really explore the neck and the rewards are continually being internalized.
  • The student is becoming a real guitarist.

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