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In 5 minutes I learned what I tried for 4 years

I used to learn guitar by watching YouTube videos. It would take me hours to research whatever specific skill I was trying to improve, be that finger positioning for a given chord or percussive maneuvers. I tried to make my F chord more consistent multiple times over the past four years but still could never get the high E string (and sometimes other strings) to play correctly more than 30% of the time. In 5 minutes Rick was able to correct my F chord by showing me positioning that was never well explained in the dozens upon dozens of YouTube videos I had watched. Rick has fixed a number of my other mistakes as well that I would have never picked up on my own. I’m not sure how I survived before Rick, he saves so much time and I feel so much better playing now! Thank you Rick!

Kaitlyn Fox

A place where you actually learn to play guitar

I have taken lessons with Rick for years now. Everything he has taught me has been important in learning how to play guitar. Even though I’ve been playing guitar for almost five years and lessons almost four I seem to learn something new every time I go there. Whether it be how to have better timing or just some tips and tricks I never knew before. You always learn something when you leave your lesson with Rick, he makes sure of it. If I were to recommend lessons a new guitarist I would say Red Guitar, someone who’s been playing for a bit – Red Guitar. You can go at any level of playing and he will teach you everything you need to know. Theory, scales and just gold old-fashion guitar playing. He’s got it all and is an amazing teacher. 11/10

Mitchell Fox

Red Guitar is Great Online!

I’ve been a student of Rick’s for a while, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to have a guitar lesson for a long time because of the province-wide closure of, well, everything. I love Rick’s teaching and the fun I have playing guitar with him, something that isn’t lost just because we’re all stuck at home during these unprecedented times.

I’ve already had two Skype guitar lessons with Rick and it’s very easy to use as long
as you have a pair of headphones and a phone or a laptop! All the fun of guitar lessons brought to my own home, just like that! It’s just like being in the studio and I’m really glad the choice was made to bring Red Guitar lessons to Skype.

Rick, your perseverance and kindness through everything is so greatly appreciated! I can’t thank you enough!

Connor McMullen

Transition to Skype lessons was painless

I missed having the lesson each week after everything shut down with Covid So it was great to re-connect with Rick on Skype and to keep improving my playing. It was easy to get skype going, I just followed the prompts on the screen.

The video lesson went so smoothly,. I could easily see everything that Rick was doing
and we could hear each other clear enough to play together and hear changes. It was a lot like being together in person and a lot easier than getting to the studio.

It’s great to be able to keep working with Rick on my guitar playing, even as everything is shut down.

Paul Godden

Now I like how I sound when I play.

It really has been rewarding since I started lessons with Red Guitar. Trying to learn from tabs and online videos was, after a while, just frustrating and unproductive. But Rick is so positive and persistent, it’s like he is pulling me up as he demonstrates and then reinforces new patterns and skills on the guitar. I finally started to like how I sound when I play.

When I started with Red Guitar, I got better fast, and the instrument just keeps opening up with each new skill and technique. The Red Guitar plan is really working for me. Thanks Rick, it’s a blast!

Paul Godden

Never too late to get started!

Playing at Red Guitar was my second attempt at Guitar lessons. I had tried once before but after a year of boring tunes and confusing theory, I gave it up. I was convinced that it was not for me and that it would take too long for me to be any good. 10 years later I was still regretting my decision but I kept telling myself that it was too late.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! I finally decided to try it again. I bought a beat up used guitar and I got myself signed up for lessons. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed playing and by how different my experience was from the first time around. At Red Guitar the focus is on the playing. It’s understood that music theory has its time and place and is administered in small doses.

Rick is a kind, patient, and genuine person who is fun to be around. The minutes will fly by. So quit waiting and just get started. You will not regret it.

Kelly Kenny


Kate at Red Guitar

He is a great teacher! He takes the time to answer my questions and do his best to explain things in a way that I understand ( English is my second language)


I’m glad he’s my teacher!!!

Kate Skywalker

Boost your creative juices and look cool doing it!

Rick knows exactly when to switch up the instructional part of the lesson with a bit of theory when its applicable and makes learning and playing fun and an experience that you want to keep coming back for!

I have told all my friends and family about my experience with learning the guitar and would highly recommend taking the plunge and letting Rick walk you personally through an awesome time.

I am on my 4th lesson and I am already so surprised with my ability to finger pick and came in as a first time beginner to the guitar!

Ashley Thomas

No other place there is to be than on the stool at Red Guitar!

Jessica playing my guitar at guitarlessons

I love the moments when I am sitting on the stool in Rick’s studio playing guitar.


He is great at what he does, the best teacher I have come across.


I am amazed at how I can show him a song and he listens to the song and before the song finishes he is playing along with it!


My retention with his techniques have proven to be the most efficient and I remember how to play what I have learned.


One of my favourite places in the world, is sitting the stool jamming along side with Rick… this could also be you!

Jessica Zehr / Firefighter

Amazing teacher, really fun!

I’ve been taking lessons for a couple years now and he has taught me so much.

It’s always so exciting to see him and learn what he will be teaching me that day.

Rick has taught me so much about the guitar and has helped me develop skill and a passion for music.

I have so much fun playing the guitar with him and he is really great to talk to too.

Practices are always really fun and i get introduced to a lot of new music.

He is a great teacher and is really fun to work with.

Charlotte Conley

Rick is very good at adjusting his teaching style to meet his student’s needs.

Mike enjoying lessons at Red Guitar

The main concern I had was scheduling classes. When I started taking lessons my schedule was very busy and I could not commit to weekly lessons. Rick was very accommodating of my schedule.


I think the thing that surprised me most was how tender my fingers became. It only took a couple of lessons and I could play part of a song I knew.


I have really enjoyed my lessons. Rick is very good at adjusting his teaching style to meet his student’s needs.


I found Red Guitar online.

Mike Falconer

Rick has lots of patience and he makes it fun!

having fun taking lessons at Red Guitar

Before I started taking guitar lessons at Red Guitar, I thought I was never going to be good enough.


After I started taking lessons, it was easier than I thought it would be. Rick has lots of patience and he makes it fun.


I found Red Guitar online.


It’s easier to learn with a great teacher like Rick!

Rachael Steel

Always look forward to my guitar lesson!

cliff's guitar

I purchased my first guitar 2 years ago. I had no previous musical experience, but thought, hey I can learn this. I fiddled around with it, checking out tabs on the internet and so on, and found I was getting no where fast.

I decided to look for lessons. I searched google and up came Red Guitar. I got lucky with this one. I filled in the form on the internet and Rick contacted me.

A year later, I can honestly say my playing has improved incredibly.

The lessons with Rick are entertaining and fun and makes for a great learning experience. The man knows every song on the planet I think and can play many different styles. He has been a wealth of information.

I look forward each week to my next lesson so that I can move a little farther into learning this amazing instrument.

Thanks Rick,

Cliff Cook

Cliff Cook

A Master Guitar Instructor who listens!

Music has been in my life for well over 40 years, having being introduced to it at a young age banging on a keyboard, playing saxophone in high school to self teaching myself how to play guitar just cause a buddy could play but I couldn’t.

But as with anything you hit a plateau which after times seems insurmountable..Ya you still play the tunes you know but never quite seem to get what you are looking for out of the instrument.

Fast forward many years later and have children who are inclined to want to learn to play guitar… So we went looking.
Let me tell you it was harder than you would think finding the right instructor who had the skill to teach, yet the understanding that each student learns not only at their own pace but in their style of learning not just that of the Instructors pace and style..

Enter Rick Fysh at Red Guitar.

His course is such that it is tailored to each students strengths and weaknesses. He chooses material that is relevant to his students to achieve what they are looking for…

For me its a life long passion to master this thing call guitar playing..

Thanks for the fun Rick… the journey is not quite over yet…..

Dave Wilkins

Inspiring a lifelong passion for music!

Family taking lessons at Red Guitar

My son Connor started to express an interest in playing guitar at age 7 and by Christmas of that year (2009), his lovely aunt Debbie made sure to encourage his interest by placing a small black & white Fender electric guitar and amp under the tree.


For many months after Connor received this beautiful gift, I promised to find him a guitar teacher that would be able to encourage and support his interest in playing guitar. It was in September of 2010 that my search began & I immediately found Red Guitar through a Google search.


I made the call & loved what Rick had to say about his method/style of teaching which eased my fears about Connor becoming bored, frustrated and ultimately giving up. We attended that first session with Rick in October 2010 and Connor left with directions to “practice, practice, practice” the first part of the 12 Bar Blues. Connor was hooked…and so was I!


It will be 7 years this October that Connor began his musical journey with Red Guitar & I cannot even begin to express with words how much I appreciate Rick’s wisdom, passion, patience, positive words of encouragement and support.


Connor has grown & blossomed under Rick’s guidance, making learning how to play guitar fun, even in times when Connor felt frustrated by the challenges. Rick has always been able to support Connor in a way that has boosted his self-esteem, increased his confidence and motivated him to “plow through” the many challenges.


Connor can play both electric and acoustic guitar, with an incredibly diverse catalogue of music styles.


The science behind how music and learning to play an instrument benefits both children & adults alike is astounding (just Google “music benefits”) but I can guarantee that it has been Rick’s passion and love for music that ignited Connor’s passion and provided the perfect environment for his development. 


Connor’s skills and abilities have grown exponentially, leading him to write his own songs, perform on stage and positively cope with life’s ups and downs. I attribute many of Connor’s successes both at home & school to his passion for music and playing guitar, but most of all to Rick who consistently inspires Connor to reach for the stars.


My youngest son Kallan is turning 7 this year and is next in line to begin taking guitar lessons with Rick, with that same small Fender electric guitar. My boys are growing up with Red Guitar lessons all the way!


From beginners who have never picked up an instrument to more experienced musicians who want to improve on their skills, Red Guitar is always recommended by me with the highest regard. 


Tammy Matthews, Mom/Social Worker


Tammy Matthews, Mom/Social Worker

Excellent teaching methods suited to the learning style of each student!

As a music loving parent, I was very happy when my son picked up the guitar and took right to it but I realized when he was twelve that he needed a good teacher, so I began to look around.

Finding Rick and Red Guitar has been the absolute best thing that could have happened for Mitchell. Rick relates to him on his own level.

As an educator myself, I am always impressed by how Rick is able to motivate, encourage and bring the best out in his students. He is a very skilled guitarist and a very skilled teacher.

My son looks up to him as a positive role model and as a trusted friend.

Each week there are new songs being played at home and it is a joy to hear! My son plays with confidence and the lessons are totally stress free!

Rick incorporates many things into each lesson, such as theory, music history, guitar mechanics and so much more.

He shares his love for music and guitar with all who enter in to the wonderful world of Red Guitar!

I wouldn’t go anywhere else and neither would my fourteen year old son!

Katie Fox, Mom/Teacher

Best place to get rockified!

I have been taking lessons from Rick for just over 2 years now. Every time I walk in, we learn a different song. Of course we go over the other songs, but I’m always learning something new whether its rock or blues.

I personally recommend Red guitar not because I’m writing this testimonial, but because of how well Rick teaches. Rick will teach you the basics all they way to the point where you will have the song memorized.

He has the most patience in the world and will explain everything in the simplest ways possible.

The best part is he will teach you the songs you want to learn from start to finish. Not to mention, constantly remind you to practice.

My favorite part about the lessons would have to be the fact that when you’re learning, you just relax and have fun at the same time that you’re learning a song.

It’s what makes me want to keep coming back.

Patrick Ferenc

You’ll love it…once you start you don’t want to stop!

love playing the guitar a guitar lessons london ontario

My concerns before starting guitar lessons were if I was going to have enough time to practice playing at home after work etc. or if I would understand the notes the proper finger positions and unfortunately it was a 1 out of 2.

I grab on to the finger positions and the notes pretty good but the time I had a problem with working two jobs but like Rick said 15 minutes a day is all you need.

I was pleasantly happy with the patience and great personality my teacher (Rick) has.

He loves playing guitar and wants others to love to play guitar like he does. He has a passion for it and wants others to also they won’t regret it.

The teaching methods were great and are applicable to students that suit them.

I found out about Red Guitar through the Internet.

I would recommend Red Guitar to you all cause of the friendliness and caring of the teacher and the atmosphere at Red guitar is great learning to play.

You’ll love it…once you start you don’t want to stop!

Sonia Amaral

Ready to rock!

When I decided to learn the guitar I thought lessons would be too expensive so I bought a video game that is supposed to teach you to play. I quickly realized that I was only satisfying the game, not really learning to play well and a game can’t give you any feedback when you have questions.
I found Red Guitar on the internet and after a quick call we hit it off right away. Rick is a patient teacher who teaches you in the context of songs you want to play instead of endless, boring drills.
He can play and teach all styles and makes it an enjoyable experience. my playing has improved exponentially since I decided to sign up and yours will too.

Nathan Howell

You won’t be disapointed!

My odometer just clicked over 70 years today! My fingers don’t move so quickly these days but I am amazed at how Rick is able to have me make steady progress.

There is no one on the planet that Mr. Fysh can not teach guitar to.

He is very understanding and makes one feel relaxed so any jitters you may have will fade away. Rick is an all around great fellow and a most excellent guitar player.

I have been taking lesson for several months now and having a great time. Two of my good friends have just started and are very pleased. You won’t be disappointed!

Steve Szarvas

I was pleased by how fast I was able to pick up the chords and melodies.

Zach playing guitar at Red Guitar

The only concern I had about starting guitar was if I would actually enjoy playing guitar.


I was surprised at how easy Rick made the methods sound. I was pleased by how fast I was able to pick up the chords and melodies.


Me and my dad found red guitar through a relative.


If I were recommending red guitar to my friend I would say that there is a wide range of artists and genres you can learn while also opening up your mind to new genres and artists and that the way Rick teaches makes it seem easy.

Zachary Bourque

As a teacher, he is easy going and works with you on your style preferences and abilities…

rob singing at grand old oprey

I found Rick to be one of the most interesting teachers I know.


As a teacher, he is easy going and works with you on your style preferences and abilities, improving your level of play as you go along.


He shows you different chords and songs and mixes a little music theory in so you hardly notice but it sticks with you.


I played (very little) 3 chord country music before I started my lessons.  I learned so much in a couple of lessons now I can figure out chord patterns by myself.


Rick knows all types of music and all styles of playing.


I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to play the guitar.


Robert Robinson

Rick immediately catered to my learning style and skill level, helping me progress at a comfortable pace.

Devon playing guitar at Red Guitar

It’s always at least a bit intimidating when you start learning a new instrument, especially one as complex as guitar.


When I started taking lessons at Red Guitar, Rick immediately catered to my learning style and skill level, helping me progress at a comfortable pace. 


After I started, the thing that probably surprised me the most was how long it takes for your fingers to get used to playing. Rick has a way of choosing the order of songs that you’ll learn in such a way that each one will bring a new skill and more flexibility in your playing.


Red Guitar was introduced to me by my dad and I haven’t looked back.


I would recommend Red Guitar to ANYONE interested in learning to play.


Rick has knowledge of just about every guitar song of every genre ever written and if there’s one he doesn’t know, he can be teaching you every part in an hour. Spanish, country, heavy metal, The Beatles, you name it, he plays it.


Red Guitar has the ability to teach anyone whether brand new or longtime veteran, something cool about guitar. 

Devon Laycock

Rick is fun, extremely skilled and knowledgeable.

guitar lesson parent

I was 47 and I hadn’t played a musical instrument in 30 years.  I wanted to try something different, and guitar lessons had been on my bucket list for a long time.  


I found Rick, bought the guitar he recommended, and a week later I was learning to play Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”!
Rick is fun, extremely skilled and knowledgeable. Each new song he selects introduces a new musical concept or playing technique, and he’s willing to customize the lessons to accommodate the student’s interests and skill level.
I did Google search for “London Ontario guitar lessons”. Red Guitar had the most appealing web site and a convenient location.
I was so impressed with Rick and his teaching methods that I enrolled my 13 year old son in lessons, and we’ve been going every week for 4 years.

Jim Laycock

Here at Red Guitar I am learning what I really want to learn.

taking guitar classes learning how to play guitar

I started taking lessons at Red Guitar about four years ago and I feel that I have learned a lot within those years.


I learned about Red Guitar through their website and I wanted a place to be flexible with my schedule, which Red Guitar is.


I had taken lessons when I was really young but I never learned how to play actual songs that are on the radio. I was learning things that I really didn’t want to learn. Here at Red Guitar I am learning what I really want to learn.


I also felt that Guitar was a relaxing endeavour which would be an out from my hectic work day. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere has indeed met my expectations.


I have learned many skills with increasing difficulty which has enabled me to play many different songs.


I do incorporate a lot of practice on my own and the combination of Red Guitar lessons and help along with my practice enable me to play songs that I like. All of the songs are top hit songs. I also feel confident enough in my skills to listen to a song on the radio and try to play it myself.


With the help of Red Guitar I am learning how to incorporate vocals into many songs which help complete the song. I really have enjoyed my time at Red Guitar and I look forward to continuing my skills development.


I would definitely recommend Red Guitar to anybody that is looking to take guitar lessons.


Mike Wilding

After my first class, my mind was blown.

learning how to play guitar in london ontario

When I first was thinking of taking guitar lessons, I didn’t know if lessons were for me. I took piano lesson before and I didn’t enjoy it, so I was hesitant.

I found Red Guitar online and after reading about my teacher and his program, it felt like the prefect fit.

My only requirements was that I needed someone who would work well with me and I wanted to learn from the best.

After my first class, my mind was blown. Not only could he play, he showed me that I can to. I recommend Red Guitar for everyone.

Nothing has brought me more joy then learning to play my guitar.

Sean Gruggen

Rick’s warm personality put me immediately at ease.

learning how to play guitar

“I took up the guitar at a “later” age and subsequently was a little nervous, wondering how I would do.  Rick’s warm personality put me immediately at ease.   He accommodated my visual learning style and my musical interests. “

Michelle Chevalier

I was truly surprised at how fast Zach picked up playing guitar.

Mike watching his son Zach at Red Guitar

I really did not have any concerns with getting Zach into guitar lessons. I wanted him to learn something new, and of course enjoy it.


I was truly surprised at how fast Zach picked up playing guitar. Rick’s style of instructing gave Zach the confidence to actually play a song in such a short period of time. Rick also made it fun with every visit.


My wife’s son who also plays guitar mentioned Red Guitar to me…the rest is history.


I would recommend Red Guitar to everyone and anyone who enjoys music and wants to play guitar. Whether you are 8 or 80, you will be playing a song at the end of your first lesson with Rick at Red Guitar.

Mike Bourque

He helps keep things positive when I don’t get it right away.

Mom and Son enjoying lessons at Red Guitar

I started taking guitar lessons about 2 years ago and my passion for guitar has grown since then. 


Rick is great teacher who always encourages me. He helps keep things positive when I don’t get it right away.  Rick chooses music that I really enjoy, even if I don’t know right away. 


Taking guitar lessons has also increased my love of music in other areas. I have joined choir at school and these lessons have helped me learn violin at school also. 


I plan to keep taking guitar so one day I can perform for people.

Brock Nussey

Rick is a genuine person who loves to teach music.

Mom and Son enjoying lessons at Red Guitar

My husband and I bought our son, Brock an acoustic guitar just before he turned 10 years old. He has Asperger’s and we were very cautious in picking the right teacher. We wanted a teacher who was not only very skilled, but would meet Brock where he was at.


I looked online for teachers and found Red Guitar.


Immediately I appreciated Rick’s philosophy of making lessons fun yet strategic in ensuring the theory and skills are taught. Rick made a great impression the first time we spoke and there has been no looking back.


Rick is a genuine person who loves to teach music. He has been patient, encouraging and intentional in his teaching. He realized the best way to reach Brock and adjusted his lessons to fit his needs.


Since Brock started in January 2015, he has really improved musically – sometimes I can’t believe it’s him playing when he practices!


Rick has introduced different styles and genres of music which has sparked a curiosity in Brock to learn about different artists.  Rick explained each song taught to Brock was chosen intentionally to teach a skill or reinforce what he has learned.


His confidence has also increased and he participates in music programs at school now (even when none of his friends did!). 


Brock now plays both an electric and acoustic, both taught by Rick. Putting Brock in lessons with Rick has been one the best decisions we have made.


We would highly recommend Rick to teach you or your child!

Natalie Nussey

He has the patience of a saint. He won’t let you give up.

Red Guitar Student Suzanne Boles

Rick is awesome. If you don’t think you can do it think again. He has the patience of a saint. He won’t let you give up. He’s supportive and has an immense wealth of knowledge about music and the guitar.

He really watches each student and analyzes the way you’ll personally learn best. He has a great sense of humour and his teaching methods are refined for each student.

I tried taking lessons before but I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. My daughter left me the guitar I bought her and I decided I wanted to try again.

A friend of mine suggested Rick

Rick definitely doesn’t give up. If you say you can’t he’ll prove you wrong. I also like that he creates the learning around you – the songs you like and your goals, but he still gets in so much more.

Suzanne Boles

Red Guitar Has Changed My Life!

Red Guitar Student Connor McMullan

One of the main concerns my parents and I had was if we were ever going to find a good teacher who wasn’t all about theory. Honestly, we just wanted to find a great teacher that we could stick with. We found Rick!


Once I started taking lessons, I was surprised by how complex the guitar really is. I had no idea there was so much to it. Although I started when I was 8, like most people, I thought I could just pick up a guitar and play. It’s a lot more difficult than it seems.


What I really like about Red Guitar, and what I feel is really unique about it, is the fact that it’s so welcoming and the environment is always very positive. I feel like the teaching methods are very unorthodox compared to most music lessons, but in a good way!


Theory is usually just taught to you in a big, long, boring lesson. However, at Red Guitar, theory is really slipped in between the actual playing. I understand with some things it’s impossible to do that, but I was so happy that playing and theory were mostly apart of each other at Red Guitar. 


My mom actually found Red Guitar online. I’m pretty sure she just entered “Guitar lessons” into the Google search bar and Red Guitar was one of the first things that showed up.


If I were to recommend Red Guitar to my best friend, I would say, “Red Guitar has changed my life!”


“Taking lessons there has honestly allowed me to have a deeper appreciation for guitar, and I’ve excelled because I love going to guitar lessons every week. I play very often, and Red Guitar is a big reason why.”


“If you’re interested in playing guitar, and I mean really playing guitar, go to Red Guitar.”


I love everything about Red Guitar. I’ve been around with Rick for a long time, and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I owe a big thanks to you Rick! You might just be the reason why I love and enjoy playing the guitar so much. 

Connor McMullan

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