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- Red Guitar

“This completely depends on what your specific goals are, and how often you practice. Serious students take private lessons for years. If you are a complete beginner the first month or two may be a bit challenging. Music is often compared to learning a second language. At first everything may seem very foreign to you. As you progress (and if you make it past the “two month hump”) things will start coming easier to you and you will find that lessons are less challenging then they were before.”

“The short answer is…No!  It all comes down to what the student’s musical goals are. If a student wants to simply learn how to play their favourite songs then “Campfire Tunes 101”  (that’s what we call songs only) will be perfect for them and that’s what they will be taught how to do. All the lesson plans, methods and strategies will be focused around those specific goals.

However if the student wants to become a well rounded musician and excel as a guitar player then the answer is yes…they will certainly be taught how to read music and lesson plans, methods and strategies will be enhanced to focus around those specific goals. And we like to say, anything in between.”

“There are many different learning methods as there are many different students however; the key to successfully learning to play guitar is by taking lessons from a teacher that is totally adaptable. Teaching styles and lessons plans must be solely based on and adapted to a students specific music goals.”

“Yes 10 minutes is the practice time for absolute beginning guitar players. The reason is that your fingers are going to hurt big time. They’re going to scream if you play any longer than 10 minutes. And when your fingers are hurting you sure won’t feel like practicing. You will avoid your guitar and days will pass without any practice. You must practice everyday to toughen up your finger tips.”

“We recommend beginning students should practice no more than 10 minutes every day to get the best results. As playing ability and the pure joy of guitar increases so will practice time; increasing to 30 minutes a day and beyond.”

“Absolutely not! It is never to late to start! Music can be learned and enjoyed by students of any age. You can be 8 or 88. The joy of learning to play guitar is both fun and a great accomplishment, something you are never too old to experience.”

“You sure can. Sometimes parents like to sit in on lessons to get a better feel for the process. Beyond the first couple of lessons however it can become a bit of a distraction for the child so it’s better for all if the parent or guardian waits outside of the learning space. But, whatever works and is best for the student will always be the best choice.”

“Yes. You should have a guitar all ready to go for the first lesson. Sometimes students aren’t quite sure what type or kind of guitar would best suit their needs. In that case, your instructor can point you in the right direction on what you should purchase before your first lesson.”

“Children as young as 8 years old can start guitar lessons. It really comes down to hand strength. Of course there can be exceptions either way but 8 years old seems to be the perfect age to start younger children playing the guitar.”

“For children and beginners, a 30-minute lesson is usually a good way to start. Teens, or intermediate students can take a 60-minute lesson.

It’s highly recommended that adults and all advanced players take a 60 minute lesson.”

“A Guitar lesson can be either 30 minutes or 60 minutes long.”

“Students usually take one (1) lesson every week. Advanced Intermediate and Expert players are welcome to take as many lessons per week as their fingers can handle.”

“There are NO registration fees, admin fees or any other fees ever.”

“Guitar lessons are taken live, face to face, one-on-one, privately with an instructor in a professional music studio right here in London Ontario.”

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"Your guitar lessons will be customized and designed around your specific goals. Then we use the  Red Guitar S.T.A.R.T. Method.  The rest is really up to you.
Practice! Practice!"

- Red Guitar

Start playing guitar...

With lots of practice and a little patience, you will definitely learn how to play the guitar.