Rick is a genuine person who loves to teach music.

February 27, 2017 redguitar_wp1955

My husband and I bought our son, Brock an acoustic guitar just before he turned 10 years old. He has Asperger’s and we were very cautious in picking the right teacher. We wanted a teacher who was not only very skilled, but would meet Brock where he was at.


I looked online for teachers and found Red Guitar.


Immediately I appreciated Rick’s philosophy of making lessons fun yet strategic in ensuring the theory and skills are taught. Rick made a great impression the first time we spoke and there has been no looking back.


Rick is a genuine person who loves to teach music. He has been patient, encouraging and intentional in his teaching. He realized the best way to reach Brock and adjusted his lessons to fit his needs.


Since Brock started in January 2015, he has really improved musically – sometimes I can’t believe it’s him playing when he practices!


Rick has introduced different styles and genres of music which has sparked a curiosity in Brock to learn about different artists.  Rick explained each song taught to Brock was chosen intentionally to teach a skill or reinforce what he has learned.


His confidence has also increased and he participates in music programs at school now (even when none of his friends did!). 


Brock now plays both an electric and acoustic, both taught by Rick. Putting Brock in lessons with Rick has been one the best decisions we have made.


We would highly recommend Rick to teach you or your child!