Here at Red Guitar I am learning what I really want to learn.

March 2, 2017 redguitar_wp1955

I started taking lessons at Red Guitar about four years ago and I feel that I have learned a lot within those years.


I learned about Red Guitar through their website and I wanted a place to be flexible with my schedule, which Red Guitar is.


I had taken lessons when I was really young but I never learned how to play actual songs that are on the radio. I was learning things that I really didn’t want to learn. Here at Red Guitar I am learning what I really want to learn.


I also felt that Guitar was a relaxing endeavour which would be an out from my hectic work day. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere has indeed met my expectations.


I have learned many skills with increasing difficulty which has enabled me to play many different songs.


I do incorporate a lot of practice on my own and the combination of Red Guitar lessons and help along with my practice enable me to play songs that I like. All of the songs are top hit songs. I also feel confident enough in my skills to listen to a song on the radio and try to play it myself.


With the help of Red Guitar I am learning how to incorporate vocals into many songs which help complete the song. I really have enjoyed my time at Red Guitar and I look forward to continuing my skills development.


I would definitely recommend Red Guitar to anybody that is looking to take guitar lessons.