A Master Guitar Instructor who listens!

March 15, 2017 redguitar_wp1955

Music has been in my life for well over 40 years, having being introduced to it at a young age banging on a keyboard, playing saxophone in high school to self teaching myself how to play guitar just cause a buddy could play but I couldn’t.

But as with anything you hit a plateau which after times seems insurmountable..Ya you still play the tunes you know but never quite seem to get what you are looking for out of the instrument.

Fast forward many years later and have children who are inclined to want to learn to play guitar… So we went looking.
Let me tell you it was harder than you would think finding the right instructor who had the skill to teach, yet the understanding that each student learns not only at their own pace but in their style of learning not just that of the Instructors pace and style..

Enter Rick Fysh at Red Guitar.

His course is such that it is tailored to each students strengths and weaknesses. He chooses material that is relevant to his students to achieve what they are looking for…

For me its a life long passion to master this thing call guitar playing..

Thanks for the fun Rick… the journey is not quite over yet…..