Inspiring a lifelong passion for music!

March 13, 2017 redguitar_wp1955

My son Connor started to express an interest in playing guitar at age 7 and by Christmas of that year (2009), his lovely aunt Debbie made sure to encourage his interest by placing a small black & white Fender electric guitar and amp under the tree.


For many months after Connor received this beautiful gift, I promised to find him a guitar teacher that would be able to encourage and support his interest in playing guitar. It was in September of 2010 that my search began & I immediately found Red Guitar through a Google search.


I made the call & loved what Rick had to say about his method/style of teaching which eased my fears about Connor becoming bored, frustrated and ultimately giving up. We attended that first session with Rick in October 2010 and Connor left with directions to “practice, practice, practice” the first part of the 12 Bar Blues. Connor was hooked…and so was I!


It will be 7 years this October that Connor began his musical journey with Red Guitar & I cannot even begin to express with words how much I appreciate Rick’s wisdom, passion, patience, positive words of encouragement and support.


Connor has grown & blossomed under Rick’s guidance, making learning how to play guitar fun, even in times when Connor felt frustrated by the challenges. Rick has always been able to support Connor in a way that has boosted his self-esteem, increased his confidence and motivated him to “plow through” the many challenges.


Connor can play both electric and acoustic guitar, with an incredibly diverse catalogue of music styles.


The science behind how music and learning to play an instrument benefits both children & adults alike is astounding (just Google “music benefits”) but I can guarantee that it has been Rick’s passion and love for music that ignited Connor’s passion and provided the perfect environment for his development. 


Connor’s skills and abilities have grown exponentially, leading him to write his own songs, perform on stage and positively cope with life’s ups and downs. I attribute many of Connor’s successes both at home & school to his passion for music and playing guitar, but most of all to Rick who consistently inspires Connor to reach for the stars.


My youngest son Kallan is turning 7 this year and is next in line to begin taking guitar lessons with Rick, with that same small Fender electric guitar. My boys are growing up with Red Guitar lessons all the way!


From beginners who have never picked up an instrument to more experienced musicians who want to improve on their skills, Red Guitar is always recommended by me with the highest regard. 


Tammy Matthews, Mom/Social Worker