In 5 minutes I learned what I tried for 4 years

August 17, 2020 redguitar_wp1955 No comments exist

I used to learn guitar by watching YouTube videos. It would take me hours to research whatever specific skill I was trying to improve, be that finger positioning for a given chord or percussive maneuvers. I tried to make my F chord more consistent multiple times over the past four years but still could never get the high E string (and sometimes other strings) to play correctly more than 30% of the time. In 5 minutes Rick was able to correct my F chord by showing me positioning that was never well explained in the dozens upon dozens of YouTube videos I had watched. Rick has fixed a number of my other mistakes as well that I would have never picked up on my own. I’m not sure how I survived before Rick, he saves so much time and I feel so much better playing now! Thank you Rick!

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