Always look forward to my guitar lesson!

March 15, 2017 redguitar_wp1955

I purchased my first guitar 2 years ago. I had no previous musical experience, but thought, hey I can learn this. I fiddled around with it, checking out tabs on the internet and so on, and found I was getting no where fast.

I decided to look for lessons. I searched google and up came Red Guitar. I got lucky with this one. I filled in the form on the internet and Rick contacted me.

A year later, I can honestly say my playing has improved incredibly.

The lessons with Rick are entertaining and fun and makes for a great learning experience. The man knows every song on the planet I think and can play many different styles. He has been a wealth of information.

I look forward each week to my next lesson so that I can move a little farther into learning this amazing instrument.

Thanks Rick,

Cliff Cook